Being there for everyone V being there for you

Being there for everyone V being there for you. Recently a dear friend of mine, who is nothing short of compassionate, beautiful and caring, was feeling incredibly tired and drained. Exhausted, she explained that as all she ever seemed to be doing was being there for everyone else all the time, but was still feeling bad for not … Read More


Expectations. I was recently asked this question off the back of an article I wrote a couple of weeks back… “Can you write about how we torture ourselves with our expectations of others” And it got me to thinking … Sometimes we can get very frustrated with others for not meeting the expectations we have … Read More

Freebie for you!

So we are already mid-March… crazy huh!? Considering we are about to reach the end of the first quarter of the year, I thought you might like a freebie download to keep the momentum going for the second quarter! Simply click this link to access the ‘Month Snapshot’ brought to you by The Nereeda Network! … Read More

I agree with the girl in the playground

I agree with the girl in the playground. Last week I went for a walk in the afternoon along the walking track I am blessed to live across from. The walking track sees many people and is surrounded by gorgeous trees that look unusually green for this time of year. Along the track is a … Read More

Thank you and share your wise words!

Thank you and share your wise words! ​I was overwhelmed by the amount of beautiful, uplifting and honest emails I received in response to my weekly newsletter last week. So many people could relate to exactly how I have been feeling and the words of inspiration, understanding and motivation hit me right in the heart. … Read More

Your thoughts?

Your thoughts? A little while ago I wrote an article mentioning that I would randomly ask you an interview question, just like I do when interviewing other awesome people. So since you too are an awesome person, and whether this is your first time answering or not, here is another question for you. I would … Read More

Don’t want to human today?

Don’t want to human today? Now I don’t want to sound like a ‘Debbie-Downer’, because for the most part, I am a pretty positive gal. Or as I like to call it, ‘positive realist’. Some days though, I just don’t want to human. I would much prefer to keep to myself and not do a … Read More

How will you play?

How will you play? Whether you have been part of Master Your Game HQ for a while now or have just come across, I just wanted to take this opportunity to thank you for being here. You rock! And no matter your reason for being here – be it for the insights on life, biz or … Read More

Welcome 2017 + Massive Freebie Download!

Welcome 2017 + Massive Freebie Download! Now that 2017 is here live and in person, what are you ready to make happen or let go of? For me, 2017 feels fresh. I’ve pulled out and filled out my new diary (yes I still have an actual physical diary, totally old school I know but I … Read More

Best of articles + what’s in store

Check out what’s in store and some of the best HQ articles when it comes to business and life below… Best of life What is a life-seeker? Aeroplanes and possibility 14 cool pieces of advices we sometimes forget The secret to getting things done on a daily basis The times that test you most 10 things to … Read More